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5 Benefits of Hiring IT Experts on a Time-Bound Contract

Are you facing a hiring freeze for full-time positions in your company? Do you have a compelling digital transformation project that you want to lead and need to build a team for that? Would you like to assemble a high-performance team in low risk and in a quick manner?

1. Flexibility

Probably the biggest benefit of hiring experts on contract is because of Flexibility. Businesses change rapidly and drastically nowadays. Sometimes, there is a need to address these changes as they come. Hiring experts on-demand on contract basis is one of the solutions to address this change.

Contract workers are used to working in different working environments with different personalities, adapting will not be a problem for them. You get to choose the right person to address your concerns timely without the need to commit long term.

There may be a season where you get too busy and you need an extra hand or two. This is where the contract workers can be of help without changing your general staffing plan. At the same time, this will keep the regular employees assured of their positions without bombarding them with more work and or overworking them.

Contract workers can be hired too in place of regular employees who are on long special leaves such as a sabbatical, maternity, or other medical-related leaves. This way, there are no gaps in the required deliverables. Also, the team remains productive and functional.

If you have answered a “Yes” for any of the three questions above, then read on … we have some ideas for building high performance qualified teams with low risk during these testing times!

In this time where freelancers, international workers, and virtual work from home setups have been growing, there has been a change in the employment scene. Increasing acceptance of contract workers is noted in various industries. Thanks to technology which played a huge role in this shift. Companies are slowly seeing the advantages of contracting and how contract workers can be a benefit in many ways. Despite this positive response of some companies, contract workers are still struggling with the stigma attached to the nature of their work.

Here are some points on the benefits of employing contract workers and why they should be considered a valuable part of the workforce.

2. Reduced Cost in the Long Run

One of the basic information about contract workers is that they are paid a fixed rate depending on the nature of the job. It is also common knowledge in the industry that contract workers are paid higher rates compared to regular employees. However, despite this, it is still cost-effective for companies to hire contract employees. You may wonder why. Firstly, hiring contract workers implies that employment nature is temporary only. Hence, they don’t qualify for benefits normally enjoyed by regular employees such as vacation and sick leaves, or medical assistance. Also, most contract workers file and manage their own taxes.

Second, the company is spared from spending on employees’ training and development. Since contract workers are hired for more specific tasks, the skills needed in addressing the issues at hand are expected from them. Also, since they are employed only for a particular work stint, it is no longer the responsibility of the company to further the skills of the contract workers.

Having contract workers on board will help you save in the long run especially if you’re a small business or a start-up. It will help augment further expenses but simultaneously resolving issues you ought to be solved. You need to get the most help you can get without spending fortunes.

3. Fresh Perspective

Having new people on board can be a breath of fresh air. Since contract workers are new to the company, they can contribute fresh ideas. They can provide for a different approach and fresh perspective since they can see things from different points of view. These inputs could pave a better way for the company to follow. In effect, this will also help the organization improvise or innovate.

It will be a learning opportunity for the people in the company too. Most of these contract workers are real experts and skillful with their craft. They can impart many ideas and tips to the people in the organization for future reference.

4. Experience

At times, companies encounter specific problems that require an immediate solution. What makes it worse is that they do not have the right person to handle the situation. In this type of situation, having contract workers can come in handy.

Most contract workers each have their specific skill set, a niche of some sort. With this, they can immediately get started with the task without the need for more training. This is very beneficial for the company since the business gets going without the need to pay for skills improvement in current employees to have a person acquire a specific competency.

In opting for contract workers, you get things done right away without committing to long term employment. Also, because most of the contract workers have long years of experience in their respective fields, there is less supervision required on your part. Contracting has no limit, so you can always avail of their expertise whenever you need them.

In other arrangements, you can negotiate with your pay depending on the skill set needed for the said job. This way, you can quote for a higher rate if they require a more complicated or tedious task. You should always check the provisions of the contract before sealing the deal. This way, you get to protect yourself from exploitation.

5. Hiring Process

Onboarding a contract worker is faster and easier. There is no need to follow the usual tedious hiring process. All you have to ensure is that the person possesses the necessary skill fit for the current demand. You need not further assess the person’s possible survival chances in the company since the contract is temporary. Also, looking for contract workers is less taxing since they can be available even on short notice.

While they are easy to hire, handling their separation is also not burdensome. There is less paperwork to do, and there’s not much emotional attachment. Once the project is over, contract workers move on to their next interesting assignment.

Nowadays, customers are becoming more demanding and are expecting so much from you. Having contract workers could be one of the most viable solutions to these various demands and expectations laid on you. Contracting will always be open for those who want to explore it. It’s just a matter of weighing things and planning for the right strategies to make it work.

Hiring a contract worker is on a case to case basis. The decision will be dependent on the need of the company and the availability of contract workers needed for the task. With all these benefits in hiring a contract worker, it will always be a win-win situation for both parties.

At GECO Asia, we link IT experts to interesting IT projects. We provide IT experts on various engagement models including time bound contracts. Typical skilled experts that are available include Java developers, .NET Developers, Full stack developers, Mobile developers (Android and iOS), SAP Consultants, Peoplesoft Developers, AWS Architects, Cloud Engineers, Data Scientists, and other skillsets for your Digital Transformation journey. Contact us to find out more.

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