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Upskill Today

Skills Xcelerator

An award-winning and innovative Hire-Upskill-Deploy program from GECO Asia

GECO Asia’s Upskill Today Program is designed to resource competent IT experts to your business, on demand.

Upskill Today is a highly curated talent acquisition and talent retention strategy. Under this model, we select top candidates from our extended pool of recent graduates, technical professionals with obsolete or soon-to-be deprecated technology skills, and mid-career professionals seeking to move to Next-Gen technology roles.

Under this program, candidates are employed from Day 1 by GECO and then upskilled into Next-Gen technology skills over a period of 2 months.


Select top consultants from our pool of talent to join your project


Your selected consultants are upskilled to meet your specific skill requirements


Your consultants will work work on your project while being mentored by our coaches

Benefits of Upskill Today

Cost Savings

Up to 30% savings on usual rates from recruitment companies


You have a project requirement. We have a pool of ready candidates trainable on your custom requirements, for your immediate selection

Optimized Resources

You get to focus on your core business while we complement with competent consultants to support your charter

Training Options & Partners

GECO Asia is partnered and works with agencies like IMDA, SkillsFuture, WSG and TeSA. We also work with approved training partners to deliver quality training programs.

Upskill Today

Webinar: Becoming Future-Ready

In the framework of Upskill Today Program, GECO Asia launched a webinar series dedicated to a pool of qualified candidates who are ready to be upskilled.

The event is part of a new series designed to bring together experts in different technology fields, with the purpose of creating a dedicated database of IT talent who are ready for the training program. The webinar aims to bridge the skills gap and the need for upskilling, with the purpose of establishing relationships and future partnerships.

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