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AML/KYC Compliance Management


A Necessity of Modern Economy

Regulations and increased organizational pressure to maintain strict Anti-Money Laundering and Know Your Customer procedures has resulted in large compliance spending and manual intervention. Processes, systems, and controls are being scrutinized from every angle, as threats to organizations come from all across the globe. Structured data and automation can help streamline the internal process, reducing workload and producing a more accurate picture of risk.

Much of this can be addressed with a combination of Information Technology Solutions and experts who can help you to maximize due diligence spend with cost-effective, decision-ready reports offering the highest levels of insight and automated daily monitoring.

Our experts can help you uncover more risks in customer screening and eliminate false positives with advanced AML/KYC technologies. Skills that we offer in this domain:

  • Business Analysts
  • KYC / AML Backoffice Analysts
  • Machine Learning Experts

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