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Permanent Placement Services

Permanent Placement Services

If you need the best talent to go to work directly for you, we’re here to help.

We understand many consultants long for a firm commitment and at some point of their career want to align their aspirations with a company.  And after  having delivered on a specific project assignment, companies may find a certain consultant fits the company’s culture and vision.

That is why we provide not only project-oriented IT specialists, but also those who are interested in permanent positions, i.e. permanent jobs or long-term contracts.

To bring these experts together with the right companies, we offer two service models:

Transfer / Contract to Hire

Advantages for Clients:

  • You can offer permanent employment to tried-and-tested employees.
  • This model is particularly suitable for IT technicians, IT support staff, user helpdesk staff, and systems engineers.

With this model, IT experts previously provided by GECO Contracting can be absorbed by ways of permanent job offers. This recruitment model is most suitable for staff with a technical profile.

Expert Search / Permanent Placements

Advantages for Clients:

  • Tap on to GECO’s qualified consultant network
  • We do not charge any down-payment
  • Fees are payable only for a successful placement

This is the ideal tool for the fast recruitment of tailor-made IT experts for permanent roles. You can get a first impression of applicants before employing anyone permanently by testing them in a specific project situation. The applicants’ soft skills are evaluated by scientifically validated online assessment processes.

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