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Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT)

Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT)

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BOT Engagement Model (Build-Operate-Transfer) is GECO Asia’s proposition to clients who are looking for a strategy to setup a New Team (e.g. a SAP Centre of Excellence or an Offshore Centre) with an option of owning their dedicated offshore operations (resources and infrastructure) over time.

Under the BOT Model, GECO Asia will:

  • Build an offshore facility in a suitable location (e.g., Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia) for the Client. This includes organizing a qualified SAP team (analysts, consultants, Operational Leaders) as we as the infrastructure to support it
  • Operate the offshore facility customizing it to specific Client needs with the right people, processes, tools and technologies
  • Transfer the offshore facility over to the Client once a steady state is reached

BOT options on offer include:

  • Definite BOT where at a pre-agreed time, at a pre-agreed transfer fee, the complete facility is automatically transferred to the client
  • Buy Over of the BOT, in which case, the transfer is not mandatory. This involves a higher risk for the company in case the technology areas are very niche and not in overall alignment with the company’s technological direction. The option exists to buy-out the complete facility at different time-intervals or on achievement of various milestones
  • Spin off the complete facility as a joint venture once it acquires critical mass. GECO Asia and the client can together work the details and modalities for setting up a JV.

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