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Empowering Indonesia’s Tech Talent: Cohort 34 Kicks Off Upskilling Journey

In the rapidly evolving tech landscape of Indonesia, our Upskilling Cohort 34 has embarked on its official training journey last December 4th, making a significant milestone for Upskill Today as the pioneering cohort in Indonesia. Comprising an outstanding group of individuals, they are poised to play a crucial role in shaping the future, and their deployment is scheduled for January 2024.

Cohort 34 is not just another group of trainees; it is a diverse assembly of talent curated for two distinct tracks – Software Developer and Business Analyst, colloquially known as Product Owner. This unique dual-track approach ensures a comprehensive skill set, addressing the dynamic needs of the tech industry. 

The upskilling program comprises full-time training led by industry experts, technical mentoring from experienced practitioners, and coaching provided by certified professional coaches. This ensures that graduates not only acquire proficiency in the latest technologies but also develop the ability to apply their skills in real-world scenarios. The thoughtfully curated curriculum guarantees that each trainee receives specialized training, preparing them for the distinct challenges and responsibilities associated with their chosen track. 

Recognizing the equal importance of soft skills, our program places significant emphasis on fostering them. This approach ensures that trainees bring not only technical expertise to their workplace but also cultivate the right attitude and mindset essential for success in their professional careers. 

Customized Journey: Hire, Upskill, Deploy

At the heart of Cohort 34’s ethos is a customized journey encapsulated by the three pillars of “Hire, Upskill, Deploy.” This innovative approach ensures a seamless progression from recruitment to deployment, offering a holistic experience for trainees and employers alike.

  1. Hire: Rigorous selection processes ensure that only the most promising talents are admitted to the program, setting a high standard for the cohort from the very beginning.
  2. Upskill: The intensive training program goes beyond conventional learning, incorporating real-world scenarios and industry best practices. Trainees are exposed to cutting-edge technologies and methodologies, preparing them for the challenges of the modern tech landscape. ‘
  3. Deploy: The ultimate goal of Cohort 34 is to bridge the gap between education and employment. Upon completion of the program, the trained Software Developers and Business Analysts will be ready to contribute actively to the workforce, fostering innovation and driving growth in Indonesia’s tech sector.
By equipping, enabling, and empowering the local community, we are shaping the future of Indonesia’s tech landscape.

As Cohort 34 embarks on this transformative journey, the anticipated impact on Indonesia’s tech landscape is profound. The initiative not only addresses the growing demand for skilled tech professionals but also positions Indonesia as a hub for innovation and talent development in the region.

With the deployment scheduled for January 2024, the program not only focuses on technical proficiency but also hones the soft skills necessary for effective collaboration, communication, and leadership – traits essential for success in today’s dynamic professional landscape.

As Indonesia embraces the digital age, initiatives like Cohort 34 underscore the nation’s commitment to cultivating a workforce that can thrive in the rapidly evolving tech ecosystem. The successful launch of this cohort sets a precedent for future endeavors in tech education, solidifying Indonesia’s position as a hub for emerging tech talent.

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